Software Developer - BC22:291 -Full Time

Victoria, BC +3

We are currently looking to expand our team of Software Developers! We have opportunities for people with experience in any the following areas:  

  • ServiceNow design, configuration, development or automation  
  • Programing or scripting in Microsoft or standard web languages 
  • Automation in any platform 
  • System integration 
  • PowerShell scripting 
  • Microsoft Azure 


If you have a hands-on approach, are committed to providing service excellence, and are looking for a rewarding and challenging career opportunity where you can be part of an exciting operation, we would like to hear from you! 

Closing Date: February 7, 2022 

Pay Range: 24 

Bi-weekly salary: $3,149.76 to $3,609.21 

Bi-weekly Work Schedule: 75 hours 

Location: Regional (optional telework), must reside in BC 

Job Type: Regular Full Time 

Service Delivery Unit: Technology Engineering Services 


What we offer: 

  • Competitive wage plus yearly salary step increments for the first 5 years in the Pay Range 18 classification 
  • Competitive starting vacation with increases to vacation entitlements after the second year and beyond 
  • Alternative Work Arrangement options (which could include work from home, earned days off, temporarily or permanently reduced hours) 
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities  
  • Comprehensive extended health and dental benefits for you and your family 
  • Defined benefit pension program (BC Public Service Pension Plan) 
  • Health & wellness programs – lunchtime seminars, community activities and a comprehensive Employee & Family Assistance Program 
  • Seasonal events and socials 
  • A robust awards/recognition program  
  • A friendly work environment where your team is always willing to help 
  • A leadership team that actually cares about you and wants you to love your job 



  • Designs, develops, tests and implements application solutions ensuring specific design, functional and performance requirements are adhered to. 
  • Ensures that implementations of new and/or enhanced application functions are understood both by users and other systems professionals. 
  • Designs, develops, implements and performs unit, integration, systems and performance tests. 
  • Documents business systems, procedural specifications and ongoing operational methods. 
  • Analyzes user requirements and participates in formal business and procedural analysis. 
  • Develops and presents proposals and designs to clients and other staff recommending improvements to business processes through the use of technology. 
  • Participates/leads projects including determining resource requirements. Develops project implementation plans, tracks progress of activities and negotiates changes to plans with project sponsors. Reviews all detailed systems specifications, schedules and implementation plans produced by team members.  
  • Provides training and assistance to other staff and end users. 
  • Provides support for the operation of systems by conducting diagnostic analyses to identify problems and devising procedures to correct and implement solutions. 
  • Participates in the maintenance and compliance of software development standards and ensures that all code adheres to the established standards. 
  • Assists in the integration of third party applications into company infrastructure. 
  • Works with internal and external experts to design, implement and maintain data architectures. 
  • Researches industry best practices and new technologies and recommends innovative solutions. 
  • Leads and participates in relevant committees and working groups.  

Position Requirements: 

A. Degree, diploma, certification or equivalent in the computer science or computer engineering field, along with a minimum of 2 years experience as a Developer. Equivalent means actual experience in managing and supporting major business applications in multiple areas such as planning, designing, developing, supporting and/or maintaining applications. 


B. Experience in the following:  

  • Investigating and implementing complex IT integration challenges.  
  • Troubleshooting, testing, implementing software and hardware solutions.  
  • Structured and object orientated programming in a complex rules based environment.  
  • Knowledge of the installation, configuration, maintenance and problem resolution of hardware, software, operating systems and network components.  
  • Knowledge of application design and development life cycle; and all aspects of IT security.  
  • Change management processes, project ownership and management methodologies and ITIL framework concepts. 

C. Experience in all or some of the following:  

Programming languages Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET,ASP.NET, AJAX containers and jQuery, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, Software Development Frameworks, .NET Framework, ASP.NET web application development, PHP, Application Server Pages (ASP), NET MVC (Model View Controller), Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Java J2EE, Database Technologies, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server including Analysis Server, Report Server, and Integration Services (SSIS), MySQL Database, Communication Frameworks, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Representational State Transfer (REST), Supporting Technologies, JavaScript, MS PowerShell, Python, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Stylesheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and XML structuring (XSD and DTD), transformation 

Skills and Abilities we are looking for:  

Project Management  

  • Plan, organize, and lead moderate to complex technical projects, from initiation through to implementation, effectively and within time and resource constraints and taking into consideration your own and others workloads, shifting constraints, impacts and priorities as well as client and company objectives as applicable.  


  • Ability to prepare, edit, and proof-read a variety of written materials including technical materials such as project plans, charters, reports and/or manuals, efficiently, effectively and at a level appropriate to diverse audiences and within established guidelines.  
  • Ability to present information to audiences, responding appropriately to on-the-spot questions without pre-scripted responses while maintaining credibility and integrity.  

Interpersonal Communication  

  • Deal effectively with resistant, demanding and sometimes frustrated individuals or groups at various levels within the client organization, remaining focused on outcomes, and responding appropriately in order to: provide or obtain information including information they may not wish to hear; clarify or resolve issues; provide assistance or service; achieve co-operation; elicit assistance; or ensure compliance.  
  • As a member of a team, ability to contribute to group objectives and enhance output in a team environment through cooperation and interaction, active and full contribution, acknowledging diverse opinions, collaboration.  


  • Organize and manage one's fluctuating workload effectively, efficiently and independently in a variety of operational settings, achieving results within acceptable time frames taking into consideration changing priorities, deadlines, workload, available resources and/or reporting relationships while sharing information and/or significant issues with colleagues, clients and supervisors.  
  • Determine a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps, and by planning and resourcing each of these.  

Research/Analyze & Investigate  

  • Analyze business and technical problems, situations and issues systematically, identify options, draw logical conclusions and sound inferences, and develop effective, appropriate courses of action using innovation, creativity, good judgment and strategic thinking. 
  •  Apply high quality standards to all tasks in hand, paying attention to detail, no matter how small, and ensuring that nothing is overlooked.  
  • Conduct investigations and research related to complex issues to gather pertinent facts. 


Information Systems/Business Technology 

  • Use computer technology to ensure high level of efficiency in accomplishing work by using fundamental software applications, keeping abreast of changes, integrating technology into the workplace and operating and monitoring computers.  
  • Apply information technology to find effective solutions to business problems.  
  • Maintain the customer’s hardware, software and operating systems.  
  • Administration and monitoring the operations of the service delivery infrastructure platforms.  


Willingness Statements  

  • Keep self-informed on trends and issues in information technology and software development  
  • Work outside the standards hours of work on occasion 
  • Travel - frequency and distances will be determined by nature of project work  

Additional information for applicants:  

In order to be considered for this position, please visit to complete a mandatory pre-screening questionnaire. Please make sure you provide detailed information as ISM cannot make assumptions about your qualifications.   

Your application must clearly demonstrate how you meet the education and experience as outlined in the Position Requirements section above.   

This position can be done virtually, however, the candidate has to reside in the Province of British Columbia, due to the union certification requirements.  

An eligibility list might be created. 

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