Creative Strategist and Copywriter

Remote Victoria, BC

The salary range for this position is:

Recruitment range: $65,701- $72,440 starting salary determined by the PEA Collective Agreement.

Performance range: starting salary to max of $85,446 is available through annual performance increases.

* This position is eligible for a Hybrid Work Arrangement*

The Creative Strategist and Copywriter position is a cross between the Big Idea person and the person in the weeds crafting the story. As the primary content strategist on the team this role oversees and implements omni-channel storytelling as well as produces content. They are SEO savvy, love a good style guide, believe in the power of concise and short-form storytelling while recognizing there is still a place for long-form content. The focus is not only on the story but in working with a full marketing and communications team, how to make sure that their stories have a broad reach and deep and measurable engagement. Knowing which form of content will have the greatest impact is more important than any one type of content.

As copywriters their focus is telling a persuasive story as part of an integrated strategy that leads to action. They know how to pitch their story to the media but more importantly how to work with influencers to reach students for specific outcomes.

As the senior creative strategist they help lead the creative ideation on many projects, they often have the ‘Big Idea’, they ensure a consistent brand voice that is driven by their deep understanding of our audiences, they bring a mastery of written storytelling – short and long, but they also understand when to recommend visual, auditory or other content formats when they are more suited to get the job done and have the needed impact . One day they may be writing a video script, the next an op ed for Maclean’s Magazine and the next day content for the student recruitment viewbook.

The core purpose of this role is to ensure that there is a consist and compelling brand story and voice shared across platforms and audiences in support of the university’s and UC+M’s objectives.


  • Copywriting and omni-channel compelling and persuasive storytelling
  • Creative strategy development
  • Traditional and non-traditional media management
  • Project management and leadership
  • Issues communications

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