Western Stevedoring

Victoria, British Columbia

Western Stevedoring is a diversified marine logistics company committed to the success of our people, our customers and our communities. Our operations at the Victoria Cruise & Deep Water 

Terminal focuses on terminal/marine operations for cruise, cargo, and fibre optic cable ships as well as a variety of service vessels. Shore-based operations include warehouse storage, facility 

rentals, and community events.

We are currently recruiting for a full-time Operations Assistant to further support our team as our business continues to grow in all sectors. Reporting to the Terminal Manager, this Individual will 

support the delivery of operational excellence in all areas of responsibility.

Job Duties:

•   Ensure our Terminal Safety Program is compliant by conducting audits/inspections and 

that residual action items have been successfully completed.

•   Maintain the integrity of our Marine Facility Security Plan through oversight of our 

environmental initiatives such as maintaining our Green Marine Certification/annual audit and 

conducting monthly water sample testing preparation.

•   Support terminal repairs and maintenance programs by assisting with the following:

o scheduling and liaising with facility maintenance contractors

o scheduling and overseeing equipment repairs

o maintaining maintenance, repair and inspection records

•   Support ship operations with preparations for the arrival of vessels by arranging 

terminal equipment and supplies as required.

•   Support all ancillary operations as required.

Required Skills / Attributes:

•   Demonstrate strong communication/organizational skills

•   Maintain a solution driven mindset while delivering in a time sensitive environment

•   Highly functioning team player and able to work effectively under pressure

•   Possess relevant post-secondary education and/or experience working in the 

logistics/distribution/safety field in a heavy industry setting

Western Stevedoring offers a competitive compensation and benefits program. To apply, please 

forward your resume to hr@westeve.com. To learn more about our

rations, please review our website at www.westeve.com.